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Fairco-Greentree (FGR) is an environmentally-friendly, for-profit enterprise that works to reduce textile waste in an expanding industry.  For over 30 years our innovative approach has reached consumers, schools and businesses across Westchester and Fairfield counties.  We offer a growing range of solutions to support your specific organization’s needs. By recycling clothing, shoes, accessories, bedding and towels, FGR is the sustainable salvage company providing easy, no cost, environmentally friendly and financially smart collection services.  Our programs help to conserve our natural resources, reduce greenhouse emissions/air pollution, reduce water pollution and landfill waste. Your donated items become affordable options for those in need.

  • 85% of all discarded textiles are sent to U.S. landfills every year, 
  • that’s 13 million tons only 15% ARE DONATED
  • 5% of all landfill waste is textiles: CLOTHING SHOES ACCESSORIES TOWELS BEDDING
  • 70 lbs.  the amount of waste per person each year

Let us work with you to customize a donation program for your organization.

Contact Us: Jimmy Clemente 

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Fairco-Greentree Recycling Inc.

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