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CODA- Press Release 03/06/2018




Ardsley, NY 3/6/2018 - the harris project (THP) and Fairco Greentree Recycling (FGR) announce an exciting fundraising partnership to support the fight against the opioid epidemic. THP, the only national non-profit addressing co-occurring disorders (COD - the relationship between mental health challenges and substance misuse) partners with FGR, a green enterprise that offers earth friendly fundraisers. This is the first initiative between THP and FGR involving a local business, leading the way to other community partnerships. Thanks to the generosity of HMH Management Company LLC, there will be two convenient drop-off locations in Ardsley at the DeCicco's & Sons parking lot and at the Starbuck's Village Green parking lot.

Textile drives are an easy way for organizations to raise money without the need to sell anything, while preventing dumping in US landfills. 'As we continue to grow and expand, we are looking for ways to work with and benefit local community organizations, and this partnership with the harris project is a great fit," said James Clemente, with FGR. Simply encourage donations of unwanted clothing, shoes, towels, bedding and other textiles to be dropped off at a convenient location, and FGR handles everything else. A percentage of the proceeds are donated based on the total weight of items collected. THP and FGR partnered in their first school-based effort with several Greenwich High School clubs and the Arch Street Teen Center.

THP's prevention program, CODA (Co-Occurring Disorders Awareness), encourages youth to explore why and how they turn to substances, including understanding the dangerous link between mental health challenges and substance misuse. CODA empowers youth to be positive decision-makers, get help if they need it, support peers, and be caring and compassionate community members. THP co-sponsored the Westchester County Youth Leadership Summit in October 2017 where students/staff from 38 high schools met for a day of prevention, empowerment, and CODA planning. Funds raised will support the roll out of CODA in all Westchester public high schools. "Empowering youth to understand the relationship between their mental health and substance misuse (cooccurring disorders) will turn the tide and change outcomes", said Ardsley resident, Stephanie Marquesano, who founded THP in 2013 after the death of her 19 year-old son by accidental overdose. Harris had COD.

"With opioid overdoses continuing to rise in Westchester County, this is a great way for community members to support awareness efforts for COD, while doing good for the earth," said Stephanie Marquesano.

the harris project is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes, supports and advances prevention, screening, and integrated treatment opportunities to improve the lives of adolescents through young adults presenting with symptoms of and/or diagnosed with COD. Approximately 10.2 million Americans meet the criteria for a diagnosis of COD, and approximately 70% of all those misusing and/or addicted to substances have COD. Approximately 10.2 million Americans meet the criteria for a diagnosis of COD, and approximately 70% of all those misusing and/or addicted to substances have COD.

Fairco-Greentree Recycling (FGR) is an environmentally-friendly, for-profit enterprise that works to reduce textile waste.  Our innovative approach 

reaches consumers, schools  and businesses across Westchester and Fairfield counties with a broad range of solutions.  By recycling clothing, shoes, accessories, bedding and towels, FGR is providing easy, no cost, environmentally friendly and financially smart collection services. Our programs help to conserve our natural resources, reduce greenhouse emissions/air pollution, reduce water pollution and landfill waste. 



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