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Textile Recycling Facts

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 Textile  recycling is the quickly becoming a growing sustainable industry in the  United States.  Recycling textiles for reuse or repurpose helps to  prevent used textiles from ending up in landfills.  Unwanted clothing,  shoes, towels, bedding, etc. are part of textile recycling.   Fairco-Greentree Recycling provides services that are environmentally  friendly and economically smart.  Learn more….


Only 15% donated

85% of all discarded textiles are sent to U.S. land fills every year, that's 13 MILLION tons...only 15% are DONATED 


70% discarded

 70 lbs - is the amount of clothing, shoes and textiles that the average person throws away per year.  


40% PCTW

Between 1999 and 2009, the PCTW* grew 40% to 25.4 billion pounds and is expected to reach 35.4 billion pounds by 2019 

 *post consumer textile waste: clothing, shoes, accessories, towels, bedding 

Zero percent by 2037

 The Council's goal is to achieve 0% textile waste going to landfills by 2037.   


(Data from EPA 2009 Federal MSW Waste Study)