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  • the harris project (thp) works with high schools, synagogues, churches and other community groups on advocating for people with co-occurring disorders; young adults suffering from substance misuse and mental health challenges. At a time end when the opioid epidemic is top of mind, thp works to end the stigma of addiction and mental health challenges. Fundraising efforts include working with students and parents to organize clothing drives to raise money for prevention programming. 

Co-occurring disorders  (COD) is the combination of one or more mental health challenges and  substance misuse. Few have heard of it, but 10.2 million Americans meet  the criteria for a diagnosis of COD, and 70% of those misusing  substances have a co-occurring mental health disorder.  

It is time to create a generation of change-makers through CODA.

CODA (Co-Occurring Disorders Awareness) is the harris project’s student-driven effort to empower YOUTH to impact the way society looks at mental health and substance misuse!
CODA goals:

  • increase awareness and understanding of COD for youth 
  • increase early intervention for mental health challenges and substance misuse leading to a decline in incidence of youth mental health crises, drug misuse, addiction, and overdose 
  • increase likelihood that those already impacted by COD will seek help 
  • create a generation without the stigma typically associated with mental health challenges/substance misuse/addiction 
  • create youth leaders who can impact their peers/communities   

Students involved in CODA are encouraged to: 

  • talk about the relationship between mental health/wellness and substance misuse, as well as other paths to substance misuse/addiction (sports injury/wisdom tooth removal and opioids) and brain changes caused by use (your brain isn’t fully developed until you're 25) 
  • provide information to their school communities about co-occurring  disorders through activities, presentations, guest speakers and panels 
  • support the “Go GREEN” campaign from April 1-8 and/or April 8-15, 2018 - the official Co-Occurring Disorders Awareness Weeks 
  • offer Youth Mental Health First Aid training 
  • partner with other organizations and clubs 
  • participate in CODA leadership summits 
  • advocate for change through meetings with legislators   

For more information about CODA contact: Stephanie Marquesano 914.980.6112

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