About Us

Partnership with Wakeman Boys & Girls Club

Have some shoes and clothes your favorite Wakeman member has outgrown?  Thanks to a partnership with  locally owned Fairco Recycling, LLC, you can now drop those items into recycling bins around Fairfield and surrounding towns!  Your clothing and shoe donations will support Wakeman's scholarship fund for Club members.

Did you know that 12 tons of discarded clothing and fabrics are sent to U.S. landfills each year?  So not only are you supporting Wakeman's scholarship fund, but you are also putting clothing back in the use cycle to help conserve precious natural resources, prevent greenhouse gas emissions and save landfill space.

Drop your old clothes, shoes, sheets and towels in the clothing bins located at our Southport and Smilow-Borroughs Clubhouse or at any of the below locations.

About Wakeman Boys & Girls Club

 Our Mission To guide and inspire young people, especially those that need us  most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring and  responsible citizens.  

  • We have been a part of the community since 1913!
  • We serve more than 4,200 children each year and offer more than 150 programs.
  • We have 2 Clubhouses: the Southport Clubhouse and the Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse in the West End of Bridgeport.
  • We coordinate an award-winning mentoring program at McKinley Elementary School.
  • We rely on more than 300 volunteers each year who coach, mentor,  tutor, serve on event committees and our Board of Trustees and Unit  Advisory Boards, and much more.

Bin Locations

  •  Wakeman Clothing Bin Locations Address City        
  • Home Depot 541 King’s Highway Fairfield   
  • First Presbyterian Church 2475 Easton Turnpike Fairfield   
  • Sherman Street Parking Lot (across the street from the back of Rite Aid) 
  • Sherman Street Fairfield   Bud’s Deli 714 Reef Road Fairfield   
  • Fairfield Meat Emporium 849 King’s Highway Fairfield   
  • J & K Tunxis Hill 10 Greenfield Street Fairfield   
  • Fairfield Tire 1370 King’s Highway Fairfield   
  • Hair of the Dog 13 Pease Avenue Southport   
  • Wonderland of Ice 123 Glenwood Avenue Bridgeport   
  • Price Rite Supermarket 4425 Main Street Bridgeport   
  • Lewis Lawn Mower Service 945 Wood Avenue Bridgeport   
  • Madison Laundromat 284 Madison Avenue Bridgeport   
  • Madison Market 3725 Madison Avenue Bridgeport   
  • Price Rite Main Street 4425 Main Street Bridgeport   
  • Black Rock Store 2075 Fairfield Avenue Bridgeport   
  • Best Care Cleaners 1739 Post Road East Westport   
  • Lake & Main Service Center 6149 Main Street Trumbull   
  • Guacamole Grille 5663 Main Street Trumbull   
  • Trumbull Medical Building 888 White Plains Road Trumbull   
  • Big Y Supermarket 355 
  • Hawley Lane Stratford   
  • Oronoque Shopping Center 7365 Main Street Stratford   
  • Village Mart/Citgo 605 Success Avenue Stratford   
  • Brewers Marina 605 Broad Street Stratford